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Our Challenge

Acceptance into college shouldn't be a heart breaking experience

Every year in the Great Neck School District, there are a number of young people who cannot afford to pay for their first year of college.

They've earned the right to higher education.  They and their families may have worked hard and saved for years.  Unfortunately, with college and university cost skyrocketing and opportunities for financial aid narrowing, more and more young people in our community are in an educational crisis.  In 2019-2020, the average yearly cost of a private institution is expected to reach more than $68.000.  Since 1991, SUNY costs have risen at an annual rate of 6.7%, more than inflation.  New limitations on federal and state aid will further squeeze students and their families.  A recent Congressional report called a "crisis" and said that increases are "pushing the dream of a college degree further out of reach for needy students."  Accordingly, we are asking that our community help it's own help themselves.


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Our Campaign

About Contributions

Great Neck Student Aid Fund, Inc. scholarship donors are listed in the graduation programs of the Great Neck high schools, and district wide mailings.  Contributions can honor or memorialize individuals or special occasions.  All persons involved in GNSAF are volunteers and 97 cents out of every dollar received is invested directly in aid to students.  The rest  is used for postage and other related costs.  To contribute, please click here:

Our Program

Great Neck Student Aid Fund Inc. founded in 1931, provides one time grants to students from our school district to help pay for the critical first year of their higher education.  Each year a number of graduates from local high schools are able to attend the college of their choice with the help of GNSAF and it's generous contributions.

GNSAF maintains a rigorous, meticulous, objective and confidential screening progress to determine eligibility for aid, as well as private aid.


Since we require applicants to try to help themselves through all reasonable means before they turn to GNSAF, please know that your donation is absolutely vital. GNSAF makes its grant awards each June, with no debt or obligation to the student.  Each year we help a number of graduating seniors in our community. 


GNSAF, a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit, is a member agency of the Great Neck Community Fund.

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